Stop! Are you thinking about trying the Dr. Oz endorsed 2 Week Diet? Before you spend your money read my review and see my results! You might be surprised…

Picture of JennyHey everyone my name is Jen and I am a single Mom with 2 beautiful daughters.

I am someone who considers myself to be very active and athletic however about 2 years ago I found out my husband of 10 years had been cheating on me younger woman he worked with.

Through our separation I became very emotional and sad and put my diet and exercise on the back burner.

I ended up gaining a lot of weight and created some very unhealthy eating habits.

I also saw many changes in my attitude and found myself always becoming angry with my daughters even if they didn’t even do anything wrong.

My breaking point came when my energy levels started dropping so rapidly.

My 2 Week Diet Review and Results

My daughters and I had planned a trip to Disneyland.  This was something I had been saving for over a year.  They were so excited all year long they could hardly contain themselves!

Disneyland CastleThe trip had finally arrived and our first day visiting Disneyland we began walking around the theme park but about 1 hour in to the day I started feeling very very tired.

I told my daughters I needed to sit down on a bench and rest for a little bit and they allowed me to do so without any arguments thank goodness! (Even though I know they wanted to keep going and going and going)

After my rest we got up and kept moving but about 20 minutes after that I was completely exhausted again.

Yes, it was a warm day and yes it was crowded but still this was ever like how I use to be.

I told my daughters to go on some rides and I would sit outside and wait for them to get done.

I remember seeing the look of disappointment on their faces… 🙁

They wanted me to do everything with them and have fun together as a family.

After all, this was the first trip that just us 3 girls got to go on together.

However, physically I just couldn’t do it.

Our 3 day trip ended to Disneyland ended and it was nothing like I wanted it to be.

Most of the trip I spent in the hotel room or sitting on various benches inside the theme park while my daughters had a blast.

I knew my health was the worst it had probably been my entire life.

I needed to start making some changes so I could get back to the athletic person I knew I was and the Mom I knew I could be!

I was not going to let my life slip away!

How Dr. Oz Helped Me Discover The 2 Week Diet 

On the plane ride back from California I began researching ways I could jump start my fitness and get some of these extra pounds off me.

Dr Oz PhotoPlus get my energy back as well.

I ended up on Dr. Oz’s website and began reading about several diets he recommended.

One of which was called the 2 Week Diet.

On the 2 week diet website it shows a lot of amazing before and after transformations which immediately got me hooked.

It’s amazing what our bodies can do in just 2 weeks when we are committed.

The diet was designed by a nutritionist named Brian Flatt and is highly endorsed by Dr. Oz as being a fantastic diet to jumpstart your health and fitness as well as lose as much weight as humanly possible in just 2 week’s time!

After seeing that the 2 week diet costs $37 I was a little skeptical to buy it but thankfully Dr. Oz mentioned there being a 60 day money back guarantee and also shared a link to a coupon giving me 20% off the order.

2 Week Diet Coupons and Discounts

Save Money Coupon

I went back to see if I could find the link to the discount and I did! Thankfully it looks like it is still valid and working too.

Here is the link of the coupon in case you want to use it too:

So pretty much I was guaranteed to lose weight in 2 weeks or I could be 100% of my money back!

With all that in mind I purchased the 2 Week Diet (while still on the plane flying at 35,000 feet) and made a promise to myself to stick with it!

2 Week Diet LogoThat night we got home safe from the airport and I put the daughter immediately to bed.

I checked my email before I went to sleep and there sitting in my inbox was the 2 Week Diet!

I thought that was super awesome right there!

I didn’t have to wait for the mail man to bring me anything… the 2 Week Diet was ready for me!

I decided to read a little bit of it before I went to sleep… before I knew 3 hours had passed and I read the entire thing!

Everything described in the 2 week diet made sense to me especially how exactly you go about losing so much weight in so little time.

What’s Included In The 2 Week Diet

The program is broken down into 3 main pieces.

The 2 Week Diet Manual 

The diet manual gives you grocery list of items to choose from and eat.  I was surprised that many of my favorite foods were on this list… even chocolate! The main thing is just to just eat it in moderation. No need to overdo anything on this diet.  Yes, it might seem tough at first but its only 2 weeks!

The 2 Week Diet Workout Manual

Working out is option on the 2 week diet but is high recommended for maximum weight loss.

The 2 week diet workout manual shows you different movements and exercise to help you burn as many calories as possible.  To be honest with you.. I did not follow the workouts in the guide.

Weight Loss ImageI have my own routine of running and light weight training that I’ve always enjoyed doing and wanted to stick with while on the diet.

I’m not saying the 2 week diet exercises are bad or don’t work… they look like they work very well by seeing the results of the people of tried them.

But for me… I preferred to workout using the exercises I enjoy the most.

The 2 Week Diet Motivation Manual 

Because the next 2 weeks is going to be tough at times, the 2 week diet motivation manual really helps cure the mental side of the diet.

Many times you might think about quitting especially the first few days into it because your body might want to resist all changes.

The motivation guide is here to calm those negative “you can’t do this” voices in your head and change them to the positive “it’s only 2 weeks… you totally got this” voices instead!.

To me, this was the most interesting read of the entire diet and really opened my eyes up to the fact sticking to diet and exercise really comes down your mental outlook.

2 Week Diet Results – Day 1

I woke up the next morning so excited to get started! I took dog the with me for a nice brisk job that felt really good.

Just to get the blood flowing back in my legs and body was a feeling I had missed!

I had a couple scrambled eggs and some raisin toast for breakfast that was nice and low calorie and delicious and for dinner that night I had salmon with broccoli and brown rice!

2 Week Diet Salmon Dinner

When the first day was over I felt very confident that I could keep this up for just 13 more days.

Yes, I was eating much fewer calories than before so I did feel a little hungry during the day but I knew in the back of my head this just temporary and I could do it!

2 Week Diet Results Week 1

I will be honest week 1 had it’s ups and downs and mostly because my body was trying to adjust to this new style of eating and exercising.

Each day I went on a brisk 20 minute jog and did about 10 minutes of resistance exercises.

I also stuck with the 2 week diet every step of the way but it was my hunger pains that got the best of me.  One night I did cheat a little and eat some ice cream.

I felt bad at first but I went back and read the Motivation manual in the 2 week diet.  It says if cheating does occur don’t dwell on it and just get back to the diet the next day.

That’s what I did and in finished out my week strong.  I stepped on the scale at the end of day 7 and saw I had lost 7 pounds so far! 7 pounds is one pound per day!

That defineltey sparked a whole new moviation inside me…I couldn’t wait to attack week 2!

2 Week Diet Results Week 2

During the entire 2nd week I stayed strong and stuck right to the diet! I felt like I had so much more energy and I was getting full after each meal.

My daughters even noticed how much their mom had changed and complimented me daily saying I looked Skinny!

At the end of the 2 Week Diet program I stepped on the scale and saw I had lost 15 pounds in total! I was in complete disbelief but so amazed at myself!!

Over one pound a day I lost on this amazing program and I couldn’t be happier.

Because of my incredible results in just 2 weeks and the fact that my body was adjusting to this new lifestyle I decided to do a second round of the 2 week diet and finish off the month!

2 Week Diet Final Results

Here are my results of the 2 Week Diet!

2 week diet results

In total I lost 11 pounds and gained back all the energy I had lost when I took my girls on vacation.

To be honest I would say I feel like the old me but I don’t…I feel like a brand new me! Better than I’ve ever been!

I would recommend this diet to anybody looking to lose weight quickly and safely and anyone looking to get a quick jumpstart on your health and fitness goals!

If you’re on the fence about it… just give it a shot!

It’s a 60 day money back guarantee and there’s a coupon available giving you 20% off as well found here:

If you have any questions about the 2 week diet please ask below and if you do try the 2 week diet please share your results with us below!

Thank you Dr. Oz!

Picture of Jenny

The 2 Week Diet was everything you said it was.. and more!

Until Next Time,


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  1. I’m on day 2 of the diet and I actually love doing the workouts. i can understand you have your own workout routine but for those of you that are wanting to follow the workouts per the guide… they are pretty awesome 🙂

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