Thinking about purchasing Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide? Read my review before you spend your money!

Photo of SarahHey my name is Sarah and I’m a single mother with 2 wonderful daughters that are my everything.

Sadly about 2 years ago I found out my husband had been cheating on me with a much younger woman.  This had been going on for several years behind my back and I had no idea 🙁

Our divorce and separation was extremely hard for me and through it all I stopped focusing on my fitness and health and I put on a lot of weight.

About 3 months ago I decided that enough was enough, I was done feeling sorry for myself and it was time for me to get back into great shape and be the amazing woman and Mom I know I can be.

The last thing I wanted was to be a bad role model for my daughters so I turned to Google to help me find a great workout program to get me back in shape! 🙂

Kayla Itsines BBG Review and Results

I started doing some research on Google to try to find a good beginners workout for women.

I stumbled upon a lot of different programs but none of them really seemed to stand out.

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a Pinterest page where girls were posting their results of a program called Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines.

BBG PhotoI had never heard of Kayla Itsines so I got out my magnifying glass and did some research!

Turns out she is a very popular Australian personal trainer and is huge on social media!

I guess I need to get out more lol!

Her Bikini Body Program really did spark my interest as many people said it was great for beginners and made just for women.

The price point for the BBG Workout Guide and Nutrition Guide was $90.96.

This was quite high for me but I went ahead a made the purchase… I now regret that decision.

Kayla Itsines’ BBG – Is It Worth The Money?

As I said above, in total I paid $90.96 for the complete program.  Immediately I found out this was definitely NOT worth the money!

All I ended up receiving as a bunch of files and paper guides.  There were no videos or anything to follow.

I figured for the amount I paid I would be receiving more…

A lot of the exercises were extremely repetitive and I found it to be very boring at times.

BBG GuideI noticed there was also NO section in the guide for beginners like me.

It goes straight in to explaining each workout and exercise but doesn’t tell us how to modify moves if we are beginners starting out.

When I took a look at the nutritional guide it was filled with a list of very expensive groceries.

If you are a rich celebrity maybe Kayla Itsines’ BBG program and nutrition guide would be great but for a single mother raising 2 daughters…

I just couldn’t afford the foods on that grocery list.

My BBG Results

Well I wish I really truly had results to share but 2 weeks into the program I quit… that’s right I’m not going to lie or pretend… I gave up.

I tried my best and did as much as I could but with just some paper guides to follow I didn’t have the motivation to continue.

Sorry Kayla Itsines… But I’m just not a fan!

My results were nothing special after 2 weeks and I felt like I had let both myself and my daughters down.

Question MarkDoes Kayla Itsines’ BBG Actually Work?

Well, like any workout, I’m sure if you consistently did the program for it’s 12 week entirety you would see some results.

But in my opinion the BBG Workout is for people who are already in good shape and also have a nice amount of cash in my the bank to buy the groceries.

The Alternative Program That I Found That Works!

I went back to Google and started searching again after my failed attempt at Kayla’s BBG Program.

I read a lot of other people who were disappointed with the BBG workout and many got refunds because of how unsatisfied they were.

However it was during this research that one internet user shared about another Bikini Body Workout program.  It may share a similar name to Kayla Itsines’ BBG…However.. this one is totally different!

It was created by fitness model Jen Ferruggia and can be found at

This program seemed to be everything Kayla Itsines’ program wasn’t!

Bikini Body Workout Logo

It was much cheaper, it came with both workout guides and videos, it had an inexpensive grocery list and it was for beginners!

Here I’ll compare both so you can see what I mean!

ProgramJen's Bikini Body WorkoutsKayla's BBG
Beginner's WorkoutYesNo
Workout GuideYesYes
Workout VideosYesNo
Food Shopping ListYes - FreeYes - Additional $53.03
Discount AvailableYes (15% Off)No
Results In4 Weeks12 Weeks
Money Back Guarantee60 DaysNo

As you can see… Jen’s program offers so much more for so much less money!

I also found Jen’s workout to be so much more fun and easy to follow. It helps that there are both a pdf guide and videos you can follow.

I am able to take Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts anywhere I go.

I have been following the program now for 4 weeks and have been enjoying it more and more every day.

There is so much variety and a lot of fun movements that are easy to learn and perfect for beginners!

Again, I don’t want to say Kayla Itsines’ BBG workout will not work for you… but if you are looking for a program that comes with A LOT more and costs much LESS I think you will be much happier with Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts.

Kayla Itsines BBG Coupons and Discounts

Save Money Coupon

I scoured the internet for a discount or coupon code to get Kayla Itsines’ BBG for cheaper but unfortunately no such discount exists.

There is however a discount for Jen Ferruggia’s workout giving you 15% off the total price!

The discount can be found here:

My Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workout Results After 4 Weeks

I just wanted to share with you my results from Jen’s workout after 4 weeks.

I am very very satisfied with what I see and I am definitely feeling the results as well.  Just yesterday I had to go out and buy some new clothes and bikinis to get ready for beach season!

My Current Results

I feel more confident than ever and I feel like a better mother to my daughters! They were cheering for my the entire time and they are so happy to see how far I’ve come.

My youngest even said to me the other day I seem to be much more smiley than ever before! 🙂

Truly from the bottom of my heart, whether you try Kayla Itsines’ BBG Program or Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workout or any other program,  just make sure you follow through and do it!

Your health and body will thank you for it! <3

Photo of SarahThank you Jen for helping me get my life back on track!

Until Next Time,


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  1. I only made it one week into the BBG program before I gave up too. I started doing cardio on my own but i want to try Jen’s Bikini Body! Looks so good for the price!!!!

  2. Jasmine,

    Yeah I think you’ll love Jen’s Bikini Body Program! It’s like Kayla’s except on steroids lol 🙂

    So much more, for a lot less money! And don’t forget that coupon code!

    Good luck hun!

  3. I am so glad I found this review! I too thought bbg seemed really overpriced for everything you got. I bought Jen’s Bikini Body Workout program and can’t wait to get started!!!!

  4. i am actually a fan of both jen’s fitness program and kayla’s. But i do agree with what you say…. Jen offers so much more in her workouts for so much less

  5. I was so skeptical when I went to Kayla’s website and it kept talking about “guides”. Now I know its just pieces of paper and books with the workouts in them. I really need workout videos to motivate me so I am glad I saw your warning about this. I will buy next week when I get paid! Thanx!

  6. I follow Jen Ferruggia on Instagram! She is in fantastic shape! To be honest I didn’t even know she had this workout program. Tried the coupon and got some $$$ off!! Love it!!!

  7. Helen,

    I am a follower on Jen also on Instagram and she does keep in amazing shape. She posts a lot of workouts and recipes on there as well which I love!

    Thank you for reading!

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