Stop! Are you thinking about buying BodyBoss Method? Before you spend your money, read my review and see my results… Bodyboss is not what you may think…

Picture of Jenny

Hey my name is Jenny and I’m a single mother with 2 beautiful daughters that I love with all my heart and soul.

About 3 years ago I found out my husband of 13 years had been cheating on me with a younger, thinner woman.  I was devastated especially since me and my ex were high school sweet hearts.

During this time I went through a major depression and put on A LOT of weight.

I finally decided enough was enough and I was ready to get back into shape.

I went to Google and started searching for women’s workout programs that were good for beginners and could be done at home.  This is when I came across The BodyBoss Method Workout!

At first I thought it looked like everything I wanted and needed in a workout program… turns out I was wrong! Keep reading and you’ll see exactly what I mean…

My BodyBoss Review and Results

So time for my long awaited review of the BodyBoss Method workout guide!  I know Defining Weight Loss announced on their Facebook page I would be posting this review last week but my Great Grandmother passed away and we had her Memorial Service last weekend.

She lived to be 97 years old if you can believe it! It was more smiles than tears at the service because she lived her life to the fullest and did some amazing things.

So that’s why I am a little late posting it, and I apologize for that 🙂

Ok no more getting side tracked… my review begins with my discovery of BodyBoss.

How I Discovered The Program

Body Boss Logo

As I said above I found out about this program through some Google searching.

What I thought sounded great about the program was everything would be laid out perfectly for me in a guide and it would be easy to follow and I could go at home own pace.

The price for BodyBoss Method was $65.

A little steep I thought but the program boasted some amazing claims so I went ahead and made the purchase.

So What’s Included?

It took about 2 weeks for my BodyBoss guide to make it to my house and when I opened it up I have to tell you I really wasn’t too impressed.

It literally was a spiral book with a bunch of exercises inside.

I don’t know I guess I was expecting more on my first impression.

There was no nutrition guide or grocery list.

There are no digital workout videos either…

Just a binder full of exercises.

My Experience with BodyBoss

Even thought my first impression was not the greatest… I decided I was going to commit to BodyBoss and give it a shot.  After all I didn’t want to waste my $65.

I did Bodyboss for 2 weeks straight and here’s what I have to say… I didn’t like it.

The first thing I noticed after doing a few days worth of workouts was I felt the workouts were just a combination of maybe 10 or so different exercises all mixed in differently.

There was nothing new or exciting about each workout – Body boss is extremely repetitive!

Boring MemeThere was also not a lot of focus on all the muscle groups in your body.  Lots of focus on your legs and doing squats but not a lot of love for your upper body.

I don’t know about you, but having toned arms is just as important to me than having toned legs.

As you can imagine, with lots of repetitive exercises and focusing on just a few muscle groups, BodyBoss Method got really boring, really fast.

When things get boring like that I really need somebody to motivate me and push me and this was another thing that the bb workout guide lacked.  Since all the program is a spiral notebook (or pdf file if you get the digital version) full of exercises.

There is nobody there to hold you accountable or to help you through it.

Even some exercises were not explained very well in the book so I found myself wishing I had someone demonstrating it to me to show I was doing it right.

All in all I didn’t feel like it was for beginners at all and it was HUGE let down.

Sorry Bodyboss but I was just not a fan… maybe you’re worth $10, but definitely not $65.

There are so many better workouts out there for some much of a cheaper price and you’ll see what I mean later.

My BodyBoss Method Results

I Quit Meme

I wish I could show you amazing transformations and photos from my time with Bodyboss but unfortunately I have nothing to show you.

I did the program for 2 weeks and that was all I could withstand.  That’s right – I quit.

The workouts to me were just straight up boring and repetitive and with no nutrition guide to help me out I didn’t know what foods were off limits.

The Alternate BodyBoss Workout That I Found…

With my straight up sad results from Bodyboss I went back to Google to search for a workout program that would be better suit for me.

I wanted something more for beginners and something more than just a spiral notebook full of the same exercise.

I actually ended up on a Weight Watchers message board where the members were talking about their disappointment with Bodyboss.

One member even shared a link to a page where all the BodyBoss Method exercises could be found for free.  Like I said they were pretty basic moves…

However, the same member shared good things about a workout guide they had been using called Bikini Body Workouts.Bikini Body Workout Logo

I had never heard of Bikini Body Workouts before but the person said it was very similar to Body boss except it came with SO MUCH MORE.

I went ahead and did some research on the Bikini Body guides and found the official website here

Within a few minutes of visiting the site I saw you got so much more than Bodyboss and the price was just $29.99!

Look at the difference between the 2 programs:

ProgramBikini Body WorkoutsBodyBoss Method
Workout GuideYesYes
Beginner's WorkoutYesNo
Workout VideosYesNo
Food Shopping ListYesNo
Nutrition GuideYesNo
Supplement GuideYesNo
Coupon AvailableYes (15% Off)No
Results In4 Weeks12 Weeks
Money Back Guarantee60 DaysNo

As you can you get so much more with Bikini Body Workout Guides than Bodyboss for a much better price!

I have been doing Bikini Body for 4 weeks now and have been enjoying it so much!

Not only are the exercises not repetitive but the guides are easy to follow and even more the interactive workout videos are fantastic for when I need a little extra motivation!

The foods that the program recommends are incredible and delicious and I look forward to eating and working out every single day.

BodyBoss Method Coupon and Discounts

Save Money CouponI see a lot of searches online about people wanting a coupon for BodyBoss.

Well unfortunately no such discount exists.  You’ll have to pay the full $65 if you want the guides.

There is however a discount for Bikini Body Workouts! You can save 15% off saving you even more on the normal $29.99 price tag.

The coupon can find found at this address

(Thank you user Jess87 for sharing this with is)

Final Thoughts on BodyBoss Method

So as you read, I was really not impressed with anything BodyBoss had to offer.

3 Week Diet consI am not saying it will not work for you, I am just saying it didn’t work for me and I feel like there are so many better workouts that exist out there for a much better price just like Bikini Body Workouts.

I don’t want you to think I am trying to convince you one or another. At the end of the day I just want you to lose weight and be happy…it is your choice entirely!

My Bikini Body Workouts Results [UPDATED: 90 DAYS COMPLETED]

So since I promised you I would share my BodyBoss Method results with you but didn’t live up to my word.  I’ll instead show you my Bikini Body Workouts results.

Those of you may have seen my 4 week and 8 week before and after pictures but since more time has passed I figured I’d update the post and show you what I look like now after 90 days on the program!

So here are my most recent before and after pics!

BodyBoss Results

Pretty awesome right?? lol!

In total I’ve lost 36 pounds in the 90 day time period and feel so much more confident everywhere I go.

I’ve become a better mother to my daughters as well.

Even my youngest one was squeezing my sides the other day and told me how skinny mommy was looking these days!

For the first time in 3 years I can really say I am happy and I wasn’t going to share this but 3 days from now I actually have my first date since I got separated.

I am excited and nervous all at the same time but thankfully I feel like I have the body I always wanted and I am ready to impress some men lol! 🙂

If you take anything away from this review I want it to be this… whether you go with BodyBoss Method or Bikini Body Workouts.  Just make sure you do the very best you can and work hard.

Before you know it you’ll have the body you’ve always wanted!

Picture of JennyThank you for reading my BodyBoss Method Review! If you have any questions at all feel free to comment below! I will respond every chance I get!


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  1. Jess87,

    Thank you so much for sharing the coupon with us!! I will update the post and include it so the readers can use it too if they’d like!

  2. Jenny
    Thank you for your honest review. I too was very skeptical of the body boss program and your view helped sway me to save some money and go with Bikini Body Guides.

    I plan to get started tomorrow!!!

  3. Ughhhh!!!! I wish I would have seen this review before I bought BodyBoss!! I can’t even make it through week 1… its the same exercises over and over!! Does anybody know if I can get a refund?? I want to buy Bikini Body Guides instead!

  4. Melissa,

    Hey Hun! From my understanding BodyBoss doesn’t offer a money back return policy. I could be wrong, but I know as of a month ago all sales were final.

    I would without a doubt purchase Bikini Body Guides and give it a try even if you can’t get your money back with BodyBoss. With Bikini Body it’s risk free for 60 days!

    And don’t forget the 15% off coupon code:

  5. Body Boss is a BIG WASTE OF MONEY!!! I was fortunate enough to avoid purchasing it when I saw a friend of mine had it. I noticed all they got was a notebook type guide with a lot of the same exercises in it! I no better than to my invest my money into something like that when there are much better programs out there like Bikini Body Guides.

    Thanks again Jen!!

  6. I have been very skeptical about Bodyboss and what you said matched a lot of what people said on too about the product. Thank you for sharing your success with bikini body! I will be giving it a try.

  7. Lois, I also was brought here from an amazon review on body boss! So glad because the item was already in my cart lol!! I didn’t buy and instead used the coupon and bought bikini body workouts! it was only $25 after the discount and I received everything promised!

  8. I felt that exact same way about Bodyboss so I’m glad I found your review. It was seemingly the same movements over and over and over again. I didn’t know what other program to try so thank you for your recommendations! I just used the coupon and got my copy of Bikini Body!

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