Don’t Give Up! 3 Secrets To Sticking With Your Weight Loss Program

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Hey everyone it’s Robert here again for another edition of my weekly Defining Weight Loss column!

Today I’m going to talk about something that is asked about a lot on our Facebook page and that is… what are some ways you can stick to your weight loss program, especially if it’s a brutal one.

The fact is, the majority of people who start on a weight loss plan don’t end up finishing it.

Question MarkBut why is it so hard to stick to sometimes? Why can’t we just survive those dreaded few months and transform ourselves easily?

Well there is a few key mistakes many people make long the way and today I want to take a closer look at these.

I’ll give you a few good secrets along the way and if you use them, you’ll can be almost certain you won’t be giving up on any diet plan any time soon!

  1. Get A Diet Buddy

Here is a great word of advice… Don’t do it alone! If you get a friend and have them join you along for your weight loss journey you’ve got extra back up.

It’s someone you can count on and a way you can lean on each other to ensure nobody falls off track.

You will experience every high and every low with them and at the end of the day you’ll be sure to see great results together!

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  1. Focus On Staying Fuller Longer

The biggest reason why people can’t stick with their diets is hunger.

It’s that pesky annoying pain that eats away at us (no pun intended). But honestly you should never really feel that hungry during a diet.

When you feel like this it usually means you have it all wrong.

You may be cutting your calories back too much or not focusing on foods that keep you fuller longer.  Try to focus your food intake on foods that digest slowly like lean proteins or carbs filled with fiber.

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  1. Set Short Term Goals

One of the most important things to do is to set short term goals.

Don’t look into 6 months down the road because you are sure to fail thinking it takes that long. Just look within the next 3 or 4 weeks. 

When you start doing that you realize your diet becomes a habit and makes it easier to break free of that short span and easier to take it much longer.

Remember nothing can happen overnight, it does take time, but maybe not as much as people perceive.

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So there you have it! Follow those 3 keys and you can guarantee your next diet adventure will be one you won’t fail!

Thanks for reading today’s column and I’ll see you next time!


“This Is How I Lost 112 Pounds in 8 Months!” – Extreme Weight Loss Interview

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Picture of RobertHey everyone! Robert here again!

For those of you who don’t know me I’m a personal trainer specializing in extreme weight loss.  I am also a contributor and columnist for this site, Defining Weight Loss.

Today we are going to do something special and we will be having a special guest joining me!

Today I will be interviewing Janet Miller who has an amazing story to share.

In 8 months’ time she was able to lose an incredible 112 pounds and turn her life around by using an at home workout program called Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia.

Check out her incredible before and after photo!

Before and After Photo of Janet

Along with changing a few small habits in her life Janet completely transformed her life and her body and she is here with me today to talk to us about it!

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Robert: Janet, thank you so much for joining us today on Defining Weight Loss! How is everything going for you?

Janet: Hey Robert! I am doing fantastic and I am so happy to be with you today to share my story and hopefully motivate some ladies out there.

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Robert: Well let’s get started with some pretty general questions… first off tell us about yourself… where are you from? What do you do for a living? Any family or kids?

Janet: Of course, I was born and raised and still living in Seattle, Washington. I was an executive at an advertising agency but just recently I was approved on a loan and I’ll be opening my own workout studio!

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Robert: That’s incredible! Congratulations! Now we are in the same line of work!

Janet: Exactly! I am loving it so much! And to finish your question I have 2 little girls and have been happily married for 6 years!

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Robert: Thank you so much for sharing, now let’s talk about the elephant in the room so to speak… Can you tell us about your weight gain and how it begin?

Janet: Yeah so growing up when I was younger I was always the chubby girl in school.  I was bullied a little bit because of my weight problems so by the time I hit high school I wanted to do something about it.  I ended up joining my high school Track team and lost almost 20 pounds just by doing distances races.

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Robert: Hey now! I was on Track too! It’s like talking to my twin!

Janet: Maybe after this we can race and see who’s still got it??

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Robert: Oh goodness.. I’ll pass on that and stick to the interviewing today!

Janet: Ok, ok rain check it is!

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Robert: Ok my apologies… you were saying….

Janet: College was where I began my major weight gain. I was so sick of myself that the thought of suicide even crossed my mind at times.  Thankfully those thoughts were only temporary.  But I didn’t really notice how big I was getting because I met my soon to be husband who loved me no matter what.

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Robert: So your husband was the one who showed you to love who you are?

Janet: 100 percent!

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Robert: It’s always nice to hear about these moments because so many people, my clients included, don’t love themselves.  And even after they have an extreme weight loss journey they are proud of their results but still have a lack of love for themselves. It’s very important to love yourself first… no matter how much extra weight you have packed on.

Janet: That’s exactly right! I have my husband to thank for that!
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Robert: So when did you finally decided enough was enough that you wanted to start becoming healthy?

Janet: After I had my first daughter I was at my heaviest. I had a lost a little weight after that but then I got pregnant with my youngest and my weight shot up again.  It was just an ongoing battle of ups and downs when it came to my weight. It got to the point where I was just tired of looking and feeling gross and out of shape.  I wanted to be a good role model for my daughters and even more so a hot wife for my husband!

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Robert: So did you have any big concerns or restrictions when starting out on this journey?

Janet: My main concern was actually going to the gym.  I work 10 to 12 hours a day and then by the time I get home I barely have time to play with my daughters and see my husband before bed.  I knew if I went to the gym every day I would pretty much never see my family again! So I set out to find an at-home workout program I could do on my own time!

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Robert: So with all the famous at-home workouts and programs of Instagram and Facebook as well as celebrity trainers like Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels…where did you start? How did you begin? How did you choose what workout you wanted?

Janet: Yeah there are definitely a lot of choices! I did multiple searches to try to figure out a program that was suited for beginners.  The first thing I wanted to do though was take a couple weeks and really lose a nice solid chunk of weight before I began working out intensely.  I ended up watching an episode of Dr. Oz where he was promoting the 2 Week Diet System. I purchased it and followed it perfect for 2 weeks and lost 15 pounds right off the bat! It was an amazing diet system and it’s no wonder he endorses it!

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Robert: It’s one of the most popular diets of 2018, glad to know it worked so well for you! Did you continue with the same type of eating habits the 2 Week Diet promotes throughout your 8 months of extreme weight loss?

Janet: Not the entire time as I ended up finding a different workout program that incorporated both diet and exercise so I followed that program to the best of my ability.

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Robert: So can you shed us some light on which at-home workout program got you to lose all this incredible weight?

Janet: Well I tried a couple.  At first I tried BodyBoss Method but I found it to be too difficult to follow and I didn’t have a lot of motivation. I needed something that had workout guides, videos, nutrition info, and a good support system… after all I knew I was in this for the long hall!  One thing for sure it had to be cheap!

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Robert: All those things aren’t easy to find in an at-home workout program that’s for sure!

Janet: It’s not but thankfully a miracle happened to be one day.  I sent out a Tweet on Twitter asking for my followers to help suggest to me a great workout program and my tweet was seen by personal fitness instructor Jen Ferruggia! She said she had a brand new at home fitness program that I mentioned I wanted and it was just $29! Best of all she sent me a link to a coupon to get the program for an even cheaper discount!

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Robert: I think I know what program you may be referring to… Bikini Body Workouts?

Janet: Right again!

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Robert: I’ve had a lot of acquaintances try and love her program… the results are pretty amazing too!

Janet: The workouts are incredible! You get workout guides, digital workouts you can take on the go, supplement lists, grocery lists and more! It was everything I wanted and needed to keep me motivated for an at home workout.  I ended up following the program exactly for 8 straight months and you can see my results from the photo!

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Robert: Your results are insane!! How much did you lose in total?

Janet: 112 pounds!

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Robert: You definitely have so much to be proud of! Congratulations again! And I want to say for the readers.. you are currently in gym shorts, looks to me like 8 months wasn’t enough and you aren’t finished working out?

Janet: Not at all! It’s a lifestyle for me now! I am naturally drawn to workout 5 to 6 days a week. I am trying for a marathon at the end of this year and also still pay my respects and do my Bikini Body Workouts several days a week!

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Robert: Wow! Training for a Marathon and still doing Jen’s workout! Look how far you’ve come in less than one year! You are truly an inspiration!

Janet: Thanks so much Robert! And I just want to say for any woman reading this now no matter what state of your weight loss journey you are in… You got this! You are amazing! You can do anything if you simply believe in yourself! Attack your fears every single day and come out on top! It’s hard, it’s very hard work… but you can do it! You have the power to do anything!

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Robert: Janet, Thank you so much for joining us today you are an inspiration to everyone…

Janet: Thank you so much for having me!!

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Robert: I’m going to include at the bottom of this interview some links where you can find the exact diet and workout plan Janet used to achieve her incredible 112 pound weight loss results! We even have access to the coupon Jen Ferruggia gave Janet for her program and we will include that as well! Thanks for reading everyone!

Links to the diets and programs that Janet used to attain her 112 pound transformation:

2 Week Diet Program:
Bikini Body Workouts Program:
Bikini Body Workouts Coupon Code

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The 4 Most Important Rules Of Rapid Weight Loss

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Hey! It’s Robert again.  Time for another one of my weekly columns.

Today we are going to be discussing 4 important rules I think everyone should follow when trying to lose as much weight as humanly possible!

To see the greatest transformations from your diet during your weight loss journey there are a few guidelines you should always keep in mind.

These rules will push you over any plateau and give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Rule 1: Eat more protein!


Protein ChoicesOut of all the foods you eat on your diet, protein is by far the most important.  Protein fights off hunger, promotes muscle gain and balances blood glucose levels.

The results of this is a better and stronger metabolism that results in accelerated fat loss.  Consume protein as much as you possible can in every meal and snack you have each day! Protein shakes are a nice wildcard because they are delicious and can be added into your daily eating ritual at any time.

Rule 2: Eat more often

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Think of your metabolism like a fire and wood like food. You have to keep putting wood into the fire in order for it to keep burning.

You have to keep feeding yourself to keep your metabolism rockin’ and rollin’ all day long! Feed your body smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.

Not only will you be less hungry, but that weight will fly off your body!

Rule 3: Eat Fresh

Fresh Food

Make sure the foods you are consuming are indeed natural and fresh.  Anything from the produce section at your grocery store is a great place to start.  It’s when you get into the processed and bake goods is when the red flag comes up.  Stay out of those tempting aisles and stay next to all the fresh stuff!

Rule 4: Set Short Term Goals


The one rule you should always abide by is to set short term goals.

If you go into a diet or lifestyle change trying to set a goal that is years ahead you are more likely to give up as the results seem so far away! Try setting goals in 2 week segments. 2 weeks is generally the amount of time necessary to form a good habit and before you know it it’ll become a lifestyle change.

That is why I love diet programs like the 2 Week Diet.  It keeps your goal setting to a short distance and allows many to succeed and not give up!

So there you have it! Your 4 important rules you need to follow when dieting! Feel free to leave a comment if you think anything else should be added to my list!

BEWARE of Beach Body Workout Programs!

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Beach Body – the premier at home workout programs.  But do they really have everything you need? Are they truly fit for beginners fitness levels? We aren’t so sure…

Picture of RobertHey everyone I’m Robert, a personal trainer and contribute to the site! Today will be short and sweet, I just want to give you a little warning abou the ever famous Beach Body Workout Programs.

What’s Up With Beach Body?

Beach Body is known to give some pretty incredible results with their workout.  The problem is most of these individuals are already in great shape.

When it comes to someone just learning to exercise and workout it’s important to avoid these programs all together.

Take for instance the workout program Insanity.  The program is said to give you a complete body transformation in just 60 days.

You can see online that many people have had great results with the program but ever more people become injured because of it.

Lots of knee and leg injuries due to the massive amounts of squats you are required to do.

3 Week Yoga Retreat

3 Week Yoga RetreatBeach Body also has a Yoga program called 3 Week Yoga Retreat.  The program is said to teach you Yoga in 3 months and convert you completely into a “Yogi”.

However, look at some of the reviews online especially this one

The user mentions the program is in fact NOT for beginners and there is even some movements in there that are considered ADVANCED.

There are many other programs out there better suited for beginners and at a much better price point.

The Cost Of Beach Body

Save Money CouponBeach Body tends to hide their prices a little with monthly payments.

They may advertise the program as only being $20…but in the fine print you’ll see the actually see it’s $20 a month for 3 months!

That makes it $60 all together!

Final Thoughts On Beach Body Products

Next time you see a Beach Body program make sure you do your research.

Instead of receiving incredible results you could find yourself with an incredible amount of injuries instead!

We recommend going with a cheaper more well rounded workout program like Bikini Body Workouts. Check out our post to see what we mean!

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Drop a line below if you have any questions! I’ll see you next time!