Did You Know That Your Body Is Stuck in “Fat Mode” for 20 Hours a Day?

In America, we’ve achieved something incredible:

Absolute freedom from the dangers of nature.

Nature’s most vicious predators are no match for humans.

But one danger still haunts us, something that’s stuck with us from the natural world that we simply can’t fight off.

In fact, it’s killing more Americans than any other cause of death.

Obesity-related illness.

Here’s just a glimpse as what Americans are suffering through:

● Heart attacks and strokes that put an immediate end to the life of people we love. (If you’re walking around with extra fat on your body, you never know when these illnesses will strike.)
● Back and join pain that stops you from enjoying life, keeps you stuck on the couch, and ruins your mood from the moment you get out of bed.
● Plus diabetes, liver failure, sore muscles, arthritis, and more, costing thousands of dollars in prescription medication every year.

Even children are suffering the consequences.

My Daughter Was Thin, But She Was Suffering from My Weight.

When I was overweight, I thought, “you know, it’s not so bad. I can live with this.”

But then one day, my chest started to ache, and I thought I was having a heart attack.

Just at that moment, my daughter looked up at me with the most scared look I ever saw.

I knew I couldn’t leave her behind, so I decided to look into the real causes of my weight gain.

I Was Spending 20 Hours a Day Gaining Fat, Even if I Ate 3 Meals a Day.

I was shocked when I found out that our bodies can only be in one of two states.

Either we’re burning fat… or we’re gaining it. There’s no in-between.

And many Americans are unknowingly spending 20 hours a day stuck in the fat-gaining mode, especially if they’re overweight.

20 hours a day!

And the only time they’re actually burning fat… is when they’re asleep.

That’s when I realized that no matter how much exercise I did, no matter how healthy I was eating, it wouldn’t matter unless I could fix that problem.

I had to find a way to force my body into fat-burning mode for more than 4 hours a day.

Finally, I was lucky enough to stumble across a new system that works with nature’s big secret to keep my body in fat-burning mode for 12 hours a day or more… and I lost over 12 pounds in just 3 weeks!

I Burned Over 12 Pounds of Fat in 3 Weeks By Working With Nature, Not Against It.

Abs Before and After

Your body has a natural ability to burn fat.

In fact, you can burn a surprising amount of fat in just a few weeks with the right strategies.

So what are they?

Well, the plan I made works in 3 phases, and they’re incredibly easy to follow.

Basically, here’s how it works:

1. It forces your body into fat-burning mode for 3 times as long. By multiplying your fat-burning time, you make weight loss easy, even without difficult workouts.
2. Plus… it showed me how to make my work outs easier and actually improve my health. (As it turns out, many people are already doing the #1 exercise you need to burn fat!)
3. In Phase 2, I dropped over 1 pound per day, and I was pleasantly surprised as how easy it was to do.

At the end of 3 weeks, I had lost over 12 pounds of fat.

I kept it up and continued to lose more.

And yes, I looked amazing.

But what really mattered wasn’t the weight loss.

I had made a change for my daughter.

I’m Going to Live to Watch My Grandchildren Grow Up.

I may not be old enough to have grandchildren yet… but now, I’m not worried that I’m going to die before my daughter is ready to have kids.

We’ve really connected again, going out to the park and playing games like we used to. I can even go shopping all day long without getting aches and pains in my back!

So I shared these strategies with some of my friends who wanted to lose a little weight, and they were shocked at the results.

In fact, some of them were losing more weight than I did… up to 23 pounds in 3 weeks!

So my friends told their friends… who told their friends… and eventually, the secret got out.

People Started Offering Me Money for My 3 Week Diet.

I couldn’t believe it when complete strangers started emailing me, asking for my diet.

I had no idea it was going to become such a big deal!

That’s when I realized that I had to get this out there for anyone who wanted to start burning fat and looking their best.

(Who am I to hide this from other people?)

Woman Reaching Goal

So I decided to put together all the information I had on this strategy and put it online.

The only problem… is that it costs a lot of money to do this.

I was a little overwhelmed by how much I had to pay to put together a website and package it all up in a nice little ebook.

So yes, I have to charge people for these strategies.

But when people are losing 12 to 23 pounds per week, I’m not hearing any complaints!

You can click here to get your copy of my 3 Week Diet right now.

I’m Going to Save You $20 on These Fat-Burning Secrets.

When I showed my website to a friend, he told me I was crazy for making my book so cheap.

“You should be charging twice as much, at least. I’ve seen books like yours for $60 or more.”

He works in marketing, so he thinks everything should be expensive. (Sorry, Dave.)

I just couldn’t do that. I really wanted people to be able to afford this book and use it to change their lives.

So I did the math and figured out exactly what I have to charge to get my money back on this whole thing, and that’s how I chose the price.

If you can help me cover my costs, I’m more than happy to give you these secrets at the bare minimum price.

So click this link to get full access to these fat-burning tricks, and I promise… no, I guarantee… you will lose 12 to 23 pounds in 3 weeks!

Good luck!

Brian Flatt
Creator of The 3 Week Diet & Weight Loss Consultant

“This Is How I Lost 112 Pounds in 8 Months!” – Extreme Weight Loss Interview

Janet Miller Intereview

Picture of RobertHey everyone! Robert here again!

For those of you who don’t know me I’m a personal trainer specializing in extreme weight loss.  I am also a contributor and columnist for this site, Defining Weight Loss.

Today we are going to do something special and we will be having a special guest joining me!

Today I will be interviewing Janet Miller who has an amazing story to share.

In 8 months’ time she was able to lose an incredible 112 pounds and turn her life around by using an at home workout program called Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia.

Check out her incredible before and after photo!

Before and After Photo of Janet

Along with changing a few small habits in her life Janet completely transformed her life and her body and she is here with me today to talk to us about it!

Picture of Robert
Robert: Janet, thank you so much for joining us today on Defining Weight Loss! How is everything going for you?

Janet: Hey Robert! I am doing fantastic and I am so happy to be with you today to share my story and hopefully motivate some ladies out there.

Picture of Robert

Robert: Well let’s get started with some pretty general questions… first off tell us about yourself… where are you from? What do you do for a living? Any family or kids?

Janet: Of course, I was born and raised and still living in Seattle, Washington. I was an executive at an advertising agency but just recently I was approved on a loan and I’ll be opening my own workout studio!

Picture of Robert

Robert: That’s incredible! Congratulations! Now we are in the same line of work!

Janet: Exactly! I am loving it so much! And to finish your question I have 2 little girls and have been happily married for 6 years!

Picture of Robert

Robert: Thank you so much for sharing, now let’s talk about the elephant in the room so to speak… Can you tell us about your weight gain and how it begin?

Janet: Yeah so growing up when I was younger I was always the chubby girl in school.  I was bullied a little bit because of my weight problems so by the time I hit high school I wanted to do something about it.  I ended up joining my high school Track team and lost almost 20 pounds just by doing distances races.

Picture of Robert

Robert: Hey now! I was on Track too! It’s like talking to my twin!

Janet: Maybe after this we can race and see who’s still got it??

Picture of Robert

Robert: Oh goodness.. I’ll pass on that and stick to the interviewing today!

Janet: Ok, ok rain check it is!

Picture of Robert

Robert: Ok my apologies… you were saying….

Janet: College was where I began my major weight gain. I was so sick of myself that the thought of suicide even crossed my mind at times.  Thankfully those thoughts were only temporary.  But I didn’t really notice how big I was getting because I met my soon to be husband who loved me no matter what.

Picture of Robert

Robert: So your husband was the one who showed you to love who you are?

Janet: 100 percent!

Picture of Robert

Robert: It’s always nice to hear about these moments because so many people, my clients included, don’t love themselves.  And even after they have an extreme weight loss journey they are proud of their results but still have a lack of love for themselves. It’s very important to love yourself first… no matter how much extra weight you have packed on.

Janet: That’s exactly right! I have my husband to thank for that!
Picture of Robert

Robert: So when did you finally decided enough was enough that you wanted to start becoming healthy?

Janet: After I had my first daughter I was at my heaviest. I had a lost a little weight after that but then I got pregnant with my youngest and my weight shot up again.  It was just an ongoing battle of ups and downs when it came to my weight. It got to the point where I was just tired of looking and feeling gross and out of shape.  I wanted to be a good role model for my daughters and even more so a hot wife for my husband!

Picture of Robert

Robert: So did you have any big concerns or restrictions when starting out on this journey?

Janet: My main concern was actually going to the gym.  I work 10 to 12 hours a day and then by the time I get home I barely have time to play with my daughters and see my husband before bed.  I knew if I went to the gym every day I would pretty much never see my family again! So I set out to find an at-home workout program I could do on my own time!

Picture of Robert

Robert: So with all the famous at-home workouts and programs of Instagram and Facebook as well as celebrity trainers like Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels…where did you start? How did you begin? How did you choose what workout you wanted?

Janet: Yeah there are definitely a lot of choices! I did multiple searches to try to figure out a program that was suited for beginners.  The first thing I wanted to do though was take a couple weeks and really lose a nice solid chunk of weight before I began working out intensely.  I ended up watching an episode of Dr. Oz where he was promoting the 2 Week Diet System. I purchased it and followed it perfect for 2 weeks and lost 15 pounds right off the bat! It was an amazing diet system and it’s no wonder he endorses it!

Picture of Robert

Robert: It’s one of the most popular diets of 2018, glad to know it worked so well for you! Did you continue with the same type of eating habits the 2 Week Diet promotes throughout your 8 months of extreme weight loss?

Janet: Not the entire time as I ended up finding a different workout program that incorporated both diet and exercise so I followed that program to the best of my ability.

Picture of Robert

Robert: So can you shed us some light on which at-home workout program got you to lose all this incredible weight?

Janet: Well I tried a couple.  At first I tried BodyBoss Method but I found it to be too difficult to follow and I didn’t have a lot of motivation. I needed something that had workout guides, videos, nutrition info, and a good support system… after all I knew I was in this for the long hall!  One thing for sure it had to be cheap!

Picture of Robert

Robert: All those things aren’t easy to find in an at-home workout program that’s for sure!

Janet: It’s not but thankfully a miracle happened to be one day.  I sent out a Tweet on Twitter asking for my followers to help suggest to me a great workout program and my tweet was seen by personal fitness instructor Jen Ferruggia! She said she had a brand new at home fitness program that I mentioned I wanted and it was just $29! Best of all she sent me a link to a coupon to get the program for an even cheaper discount!

Picture of Robert

Robert: I think I know what program you may be referring to… Bikini Body Workouts?

Janet: Right again!

Picture of Robert

Robert: I’ve had a lot of acquaintances try and love her program… the results are pretty amazing too!

Janet: The workouts are incredible! You get workout guides, digital workouts you can take on the go, supplement lists, grocery lists and more! It was everything I wanted and needed to keep me motivated for an at home workout.  I ended up following the program exactly for 8 straight months and you can see my results from the photo!

Picture of Robert

Robert: Your results are insane!! How much did you lose in total?

Janet: 112 pounds!

Picture of Robert

Robert: You definitely have so much to be proud of! Congratulations again! And I want to say for the readers.. you are currently in gym shorts, looks to me like 8 months wasn’t enough and you aren’t finished working out?

Janet: Not at all! It’s a lifestyle for me now! I am naturally drawn to workout 5 to 6 days a week. I am trying for a marathon at the end of this year and also still pay my respects and do my Bikini Body Workouts several days a week!

Picture of Robert

Robert: Wow! Training for a Marathon and still doing Jen’s workout! Look how far you’ve come in less than one year! You are truly an inspiration!

Janet: Thanks so much Robert! And I just want to say for any woman reading this now no matter what state of your weight loss journey you are in… You got this! You are amazing! You can do anything if you simply believe in yourself! Attack your fears every single day and come out on top! It’s hard, it’s very hard work… but you can do it! You have the power to do anything!

Picture of Robert

Robert: Janet, Thank you so much for joining us today you are an inspiration to everyone…

Janet: Thank you so much for having me!!

Picture of Robert

Robert: I’m going to include at the bottom of this interview some links where you can find the exact diet and workout plan Janet used to achieve her incredible 112 pound weight loss results! We even have access to the coupon Jen Ferruggia gave Janet for her program and we will include that as well! Thanks for reading everyone!

Links to the diets and programs that Janet used to attain her 112 pound transformation:

2 Week Diet Program: www.2weekdiet.com
Bikini Body Workouts Program: www.bikinibodyworkouts.com
Bikini Body Workouts Coupon Code Sitewww.trulybestcoupons.com/bikini-body-coupon-code/

Picture of Dumbbells

The 4 Most Important Rules Of Rapid Weight Loss

Weight Loss Image

Picture of Robert

Hey! It’s Robert again.  Time for another one of my weekly columns.

Today we are going to be discussing 4 important rules I think everyone should follow when trying to lose as much weight as humanly possible!

To see the greatest transformations from your diet during your weight loss journey there are a few guidelines you should always keep in mind.

These rules will push you over any plateau and give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Rule 1: Eat more protein!


Protein ChoicesOut of all the foods you eat on your diet, protein is by far the most important.  Protein fights off hunger, promotes muscle gain and balances blood glucose levels.

The results of this is a better and stronger metabolism that results in accelerated fat loss.  Consume protein as much as you possible can in every meal and snack you have each day! Protein shakes are a nice wildcard because they are delicious and can be added into your daily eating ritual at any time.

Rule 2: Eat more often

Eat more Often photo

Think of your metabolism like a fire and wood like food. You have to keep putting wood into the fire in order for it to keep burning.

You have to keep feeding yourself to keep your metabolism rockin’ and rollin’ all day long! Feed your body smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.

Not only will you be less hungry, but that weight will fly off your body!

Rule 3: Eat Fresh

Fresh Food

Make sure the foods you are consuming are indeed natural and fresh.  Anything from the produce section at your grocery store is a great place to start.  It’s when you get into the processed and bake goods is when the red flag comes up.  Stay out of those tempting aisles and stay next to all the fresh stuff!

Rule 4: Set Short Term Goals


The one rule you should always abide by is to set short term goals.

If you go into a diet or lifestyle change trying to set a goal that is years ahead you are more likely to give up as the results seem so far away! Try setting goals in 2 week segments. 2 weeks is generally the amount of time necessary to form a good habit and before you know it it’ll become a lifestyle change.

That is why I love diet programs like the 2 Week Diet.  It keeps your goal setting to a short distance and allows many to succeed and not give up!

So there you have it! Your 4 important rules you need to follow when dieting! Feel free to leave a comment if you think anything else should be added to my list!

BodyBoss Method Review and Results – Very Boring Workout!

Body Boss Review Logo
Stop! Are you thinking about buying BodyBoss Method? Before you spend your money, read my review and see my results… Bodyboss is not what you may think…

Picture of Jenny

Hey my name is Jenny and I’m a single mother with 2 beautiful daughters that I love with all my heart and soul.

About 3 years ago I found out my husband of 13 years had been cheating on me with a younger, thinner woman.  I was devastated especially since me and my ex were high school sweet hearts.

During this time I went through a major depression and put on A LOT of weight.

I finally decided enough was enough and I was ready to get back into shape.

I went to Google and started searching for women’s workout programs that were good for beginners and could be done at home.  This is when I came across The BodyBoss Method Workout!

At first I thought it looked like everything I wanted and needed in a workout program… turns out I was wrong! Keep reading and you’ll see exactly what I mean…

My BodyBoss Review and Results

So time for my long awaited review of the BodyBoss Method workout guide!  I know Defining Weight Loss announced on their Facebook page I would be posting this review last week but my Great Grandmother passed away and we had her Memorial Service last weekend.

She lived to be 97 years old if you can believe it! It was more smiles than tears at the service because she lived her life to the fullest and did some amazing things.

So that’s why I am a little late posting it, and I apologize for that 🙂

Ok no more getting side tracked… my review begins with my discovery of BodyBoss.

How I Discovered The Program

Body Boss Logo

As I said above I found out about this program through some Google searching.

What I thought sounded great about the program was everything would be laid out perfectly for me in a guide and it would be easy to follow and I could go at home own pace.

The price for BodyBoss Method was $65.

A little steep I thought but the program boasted some amazing claims so I went ahead and made the purchase.

So What’s Included?

It took about 2 weeks for my BodyBoss guide to make it to my house and when I opened it up I have to tell you I really wasn’t too impressed.

It literally was a spiral book with a bunch of exercises inside.

I don’t know I guess I was expecting more on my first impression.

There was no nutrition guide or grocery list.

There are no digital workout videos either…

Just a binder full of exercises.

My Experience with BodyBoss

Even thought my first impression was not the greatest… I decided I was going to commit to BodyBoss and give it a shot.  After all I didn’t want to waste my $65.

I did Bodyboss for 2 weeks straight and here’s what I have to say… I didn’t like it.

The first thing I noticed after doing a few days worth of workouts was I felt the workouts were just a combination of maybe 10 or so different exercises all mixed in differently.

There was nothing new or exciting about each workout – Body boss is extremely repetitive!

Boring MemeThere was also not a lot of focus on all the muscle groups in your body.  Lots of focus on your legs and doing squats but not a lot of love for your upper body.

I don’t know about you, but having toned arms is just as important to me than having toned legs.

As you can imagine, with lots of repetitive exercises and focusing on just a few muscle groups, BodyBoss Method got really boring, really fast.

When things get boring like that I really need somebody to motivate me and push me and this was another thing that the bb workout guide lacked.  Since all the program is a spiral notebook (or pdf file if you get the digital version) full of exercises.

There is nobody there to hold you accountable or to help you through it.

Even some exercises were not explained very well in the book so I found myself wishing I had someone demonstrating it to me to show I was doing it right.

All in all I didn’t feel like it was for beginners at all and it was HUGE let down.

Sorry Bodyboss but I was just not a fan… maybe you’re worth $10, but definitely not $65.

There are so many better workouts out there for some much of a cheaper price and you’ll see what I mean later.

My BodyBoss Method Results

I Quit Meme

I wish I could show you amazing transformations and photos from my time with Bodyboss but unfortunately I have nothing to show you.

I did the program for 2 weeks and that was all I could withstand.  That’s right – I quit.

The workouts to me were just straight up boring and repetitive and with no nutrition guide to help me out I didn’t know what foods were off limits.

The Alternate BodyBoss Workout That I Found…

With my straight up sad results from Bodyboss I went back to Google to search for a workout program that would be better suit for me.

I wanted something more for beginners and something more than just a spiral notebook full of the same exercise.

I actually ended up on a Weight Watchers message board where the members were talking about their disappointment with Bodyboss.

One member even shared a link to a page where all the BodyBoss Method exercises could be found for free.  Like I said they were pretty basic moves…

However, the same member shared good things about a workout guide they had been using called Bikini Body Workouts.Bikini Body Workout Logo

I had never heard of Bikini Body Workouts before but the person said it was very similar to Body boss except it came with SO MUCH MORE.

I went ahead and did some research on the Bikini Body guides and found the official website here https://bikinibodyworkouts.com

Within a few minutes of visiting the site I saw you got so much more than Bodyboss and the price was just $29.99!

Look at the difference between the 2 programs:

ProgramBikini Body WorkoutsBodyBoss Method
Workout GuideYesYes
Beginner's WorkoutYesNo
Workout VideosYesNo
Food Shopping ListYesNo
Nutrition GuideYesNo
Supplement GuideYesNo
Coupon AvailableYes (15% Off)No
Results In4 Weeks12 Weeks
Money Back Guarantee60 DaysNo

As you can you get so much more with Bikini Body Workout Guides than Bodyboss for a much better price!

I have been doing Bikini Body for 4 weeks now and have been enjoying it so much!

Not only are the exercises not repetitive but the guides are easy to follow and even more the interactive workout videos are fantastic for when I need a little extra motivation!

The foods that the program recommends are incredible and delicious and I look forward to eating and working out every single day.

BodyBoss Method Coupon and Discounts

Save Money CouponI see a lot of searches online about people wanting a coupon for BodyBoss.

Well unfortunately no such discount exists.  You’ll have to pay the full $65 if you want the guides.

There is however a discount for Bikini Body Workouts! You can save 15% off saving you even more on the normal $29.99 price tag.

The coupon can find found at this address https://trulybestcoupons.com/bikini-body-coupon-code

(Thank you user Jess87 for sharing this with is)

Final Thoughts on BodyBoss Method

So as you read, I was really not impressed with anything BodyBoss had to offer.

3 Week Diet consI am not saying it will not work for you, I am just saying it didn’t work for me and I feel like there are so many better workouts that exist out there for a much better price just like Bikini Body Workouts.

I don’t want you to think I am trying to convince you one or another. At the end of the day I just want you to lose weight and be happy…it is your choice entirely!

My Bikini Body Workouts Results [UPDATED: 90 DAYS COMPLETED]

So since I promised you I would share my BodyBoss Method results with you but didn’t live up to my word.  I’ll instead show you my Bikini Body Workouts results.

Those of you may have seen my 4 week and 8 week before and after pictures but since more time has passed I figured I’d update the post and show you what I look like now after 90 days on the program!

So here are my most recent before and after pics!

BodyBoss Results

Pretty awesome right?? lol!

In total I’ve lost 36 pounds in the 90 day time period and feel so much more confident everywhere I go.

I’ve become a better mother to my daughters as well.

Even my youngest one was squeezing my sides the other day and told me how skinny mommy was looking these days!

For the first time in 3 years I can really say I am happy and I wasn’t going to share this but 3 days from now I actually have my first date since I got separated.

I am excited and nervous all at the same time but thankfully I feel like I have the body I always wanted and I am ready to impress some men lol! 🙂

If you take anything away from this review I want it to be this… whether you go with BodyBoss Method or Bikini Body Workouts.  Just make sure you do the very best you can and work hard.

Before you know it you’ll have the body you’ve always wanted!

Picture of JennyThank you for reading my BodyBoss Method Review! If you have any questions at all feel free to comment below! I will respond every chance I get!


Kayla Itsines BBG Review And Results – I Really Didn’t Like It

Kayla Itsines BBG Review Logo
Thinking about purchasing Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide? Read my review before you spend your money!

Photo of SarahHey my name is Sarah and I’m a single mother with 2 wonderful daughters that are my everything.

Sadly about 2 years ago I found out my husband had been cheating on me with a much younger woman.  This had been going on for several years behind my back and I had no idea 🙁

Our divorce and separation was extremely hard for me and through it all I stopped focusing on my fitness and health and I put on a lot of weight.

About 3 months ago I decided that enough was enough, I was done feeling sorry for myself and it was time for me to get back into great shape and be the amazing woman and Mom I know I can be.

The last thing I wanted was to be a bad role model for my daughters so I turned to Google to help me find a great workout program to get me back in shape! 🙂

Kayla Itsines BBG Review and Results

I started doing some research on Google to try to find a good beginners workout for women.

I stumbled upon a lot of different programs but none of them really seemed to stand out.

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a Pinterest page where girls were posting their results of a program called Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines.

BBG PhotoI had never heard of Kayla Itsines so I got out my magnifying glass and did some research!

Turns out she is a very popular Australian personal trainer and is huge on social media!

I guess I need to get out more lol!

Her Bikini Body Program really did spark my interest as many people said it was great for beginners and made just for women.

The price point for the BBG Workout Guide and Nutrition Guide was $90.96.

This was quite high for me but I went ahead a made the purchase… I now regret that decision.

Kayla Itsines’ BBG – Is It Worth The Money?

As I said above, in total I paid $90.96 for the complete program.  Immediately I found out this was definitely NOT worth the money!

All I ended up receiving as a bunch of files and paper guides.  There were no videos or anything to follow.

I figured for the amount I paid I would be receiving more…

A lot of the exercises were extremely repetitive and I found it to be very boring at times.

BBG GuideI noticed there was also NO section in the guide for beginners like me.

It goes straight in to explaining each workout and exercise but doesn’t tell us how to modify moves if we are beginners starting out.

When I took a look at the nutritional guide it was filled with a list of very expensive groceries.

If you are a rich celebrity maybe Kayla Itsines’ BBG program and nutrition guide would be great but for a single mother raising 2 daughters…

I just couldn’t afford the foods on that grocery list.

My BBG Results

Well I wish I really truly had results to share but 2 weeks into the program I quit… that’s right I’m not going to lie or pretend… I gave up.

I tried my best and did as much as I could but with just some paper guides to follow I didn’t have the motivation to continue.

Sorry Kayla Itsines… But I’m just not a fan!

My results were nothing special after 2 weeks and I felt like I had let both myself and my daughters down.

Question MarkDoes Kayla Itsines’ BBG Actually Work?

Well, like any workout, I’m sure if you consistently did the program for it’s 12 week entirety you would see some results.

But in my opinion the BBG Workout is for people who are already in good shape and also have a nice amount of cash in my the bank to buy the groceries.

The Alternative Program That I Found That Works!

I went back to Google and started searching again after my failed attempt at Kayla’s BBG Program.

I read a lot of other people who were disappointed with the BBG workout and many got refunds because of how unsatisfied they were.

However it was during this research that one internet user shared about another Bikini Body Workout program.  It may share a similar name to Kayla Itsines’ BBG…However.. this one is totally different!

It was created by fitness model Jen Ferruggia and can be found at www.bikinibodyworkouts.com

This program seemed to be everything Kayla Itsines’ program wasn’t!

Bikini Body Workout Logo

It was much cheaper, it came with both workout guides and videos, it had an inexpensive grocery list and it was for beginners!

Here I’ll compare both so you can see what I mean!

ProgramJen's Bikini Body WorkoutsKayla's BBG
Beginner's WorkoutYesNo
Workout GuideYesYes
Workout VideosYesNo
Food Shopping ListYes - FreeYes - Additional $53.03
Discount AvailableYes (15% Off)No
Results In4 Weeks12 Weeks
Money Back Guarantee60 DaysNo

As you can see… Jen’s program offers so much more for so much less money!

I also found Jen’s workout to be so much more fun and easy to follow. It helps that there are both a pdf guide and videos you can follow.

I am able to take Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts anywhere I go.

I have been following the program now for 4 weeks and have been enjoying it more and more every day.

There is so much variety and a lot of fun movements that are easy to learn and perfect for beginners!

Again, I don’t want to say Kayla Itsines’ BBG workout will not work for you… but if you are looking for a program that comes with A LOT more and costs much LESS I think you will be much happier with Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts.

Kayla Itsines BBG Coupons and Discounts

Save Money Coupon

I scoured the internet for a discount or coupon code to get Kayla Itsines’ BBG for cheaper but unfortunately no such discount exists.

There is however a discount for Jen Ferruggia’s workout giving you 15% off the total price!

The discount can be found here: https://trulybestcoupons.com/bikini-body-coupon-code

My Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workout Results After 4 Weeks

I just wanted to share with you my results from Jen’s workout after 4 weeks.

I am very very satisfied with what I see and I am definitely feeling the results as well.  Just yesterday I had to go out and buy some new clothes and bikinis to get ready for beach season!

My Current Results

I feel more confident than ever and I feel like a better mother to my daughters! They were cheering for my the entire time and they are so happy to see how far I’ve come.

My youngest even said to me the other day I seem to be much more smiley than ever before! 🙂

Truly from the bottom of my heart, whether you try Kayla Itsines’ BBG Program or Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workout or any other program,  just make sure you follow through and do it!

Your health and body will thank you for it! <3

Photo of SarahThank you Jen for helping me get my life back on track!

Until Next Time,


3 Week Diet Review – Real Results From A Personal Trainer

3 Week Diet Review Logo
Stop Right NOW! If you’re looking for a real life review and results of the popular 3 Week Diet Program than this is the page for you! All the facts and information in this article is straight from a personal trainer! No Fluff! No BS! Find out if the 3 Week Diet is for you!

Picture of Robert

Hi there! My name is Robert, and I am a personal trainer and nutritionist from the sunny (and sometimes unbearably HOT!) Orlando, Florida!

I specialize mostly in Women’s health but have helped my fair share of men along the way too!

I am so excited to be able to share My 3 Week Diet Review today at Defining Weight Loss!

This site and it’s community has been dedicated to helping women find amazing results in health and fitness for the past decade and I’m so glad I get to be a part of it today!

Unless you’ve fallen out of the loop on the latest online diet craze, the 3 Week Diet (click here to see the official site) is that latest craze and people are experiencing amazing results with it… at least that’s what they say!

I’ve had a lot of readers ask me questions about the 3 Week Diet Program, so I went ahead and purchased it, read through it, tested it (yes, on a couple of my own clients) and would love to share with you my exact feelings on the diet and show the results first hand!

3 Week Diet Program Review and Results

3 Week Diet Manuals

The truth is, we all want to lose weight, however we want it to be as fast and pain free as possible!

All the time I get questions from followers asking:

Woman On Scale

How can I lose weight fast in time for a wedding?

How can I lose weight fast for a High School reunion?

How can I lose a quick few pounds for a date they are about to go on later that day?
(yes, some people ask how they can lose 5 pounds in matter of hours).

Luckily, if you fall into one of those categories, the 3 Week Diet just might be for you!

The 3 Week Diet is an instantly downloadable E-book that was put together by a gentleman by the name of Brian Flatt.

Mr. Flatt is said to be a personal trainer and owner of some fitness company from Los Angeles, although between me and you, I’ve never heard of this guy.

With that being said I shouldn’t be too harsh because 99% of people have never heard of me either! 😛

Nevertheless, the program is said to give you a complete body transformation in just 21 days of following! That means you may be in luck for that wedding coming up!

My Review: Here are my thoughts and opinions on the 3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet is in fact a short term diet program that focuses on losing as much weight as possible in the shortest amount of time possible, in this case, 3 weeks!

The idea behind this is simply put, it’s easier for someone to set a short term goal and achieve it compared to setting a goal that is say 3-6 months long.

I definitely stand by this notion and use the same thing with my clients.

Woman Reaching GoalI usually have them set 2 or 3 week goals because I see a much better success rate than if they goals are longer term.

This diet is promoted towards everyone but I believe this fits more personally with people who are only looking to lose weight.

If you are looking for more of a fitness type program to tone your muscles and lose weight in the process, I don’t think the 3 week diet will be for you.

One of the coolest things about this diet is they actually give you information on what to do after the 21 days is up and how to keep the weight off and maintain that healthy lifestyle.

That beats spending money on a diet and then it just ends after 21 days giving you no extra advice whatsoever.

The diet is broken down into 4 phases, again this keeping with the notion of short term goals.

During each phase, you are given a set of instructions to follow on exactly what to eat and when to eat it.

The idea here is to always keep your metabolism on fire.

Fire BurningThink of your metabolism like a fire and wood like food.

You have to continue to put wood on the fire, once that wood burns up, put more wood on.

However, you put too much wood on the fire and it dies.

Some concept applies with your metabolism… eat too much food at one time and your metabolism will slow.

So in the case of the 3 Week Diet, the idea is to eat very small meals about every 2 to 3 hours.

The big brainy idea behind this book is caloric deficiency. Which is the main concept behind all of weight loss, you want to burn more calories than you consume.

The 3 Week Diet kicks this up a notch and has you calculate how many calories you need to consume to maintain your weight and then has you cut this almost in half! WOWZERS!

Obviously by cutting your caloric intake in half there is no doubt you are going to drop weight.
Funny Comic
The book gives carbohydrates a bad rep and for the most part tells you to avoid them. This means your body is taking in straight protein and fat!

For those of you who know me personally, you know I am a huge fan of eating low carb!

So to lay everything out for you…. On the 3 week diet you will take on very little calories and virtually no carbs!

Yes it may sound painful to some, but if you can stick with it, this can only result in a MEGA AMOUNT of weight loss.Picture of Dumbbells

In addition to the diet portion of the program, Brian Flatt also gives you a set of workouts you can do to achieve even more weight loss!

I looked over all of these exercises and they are definitely real and legitimate.

Most of them are basic exercises like squats and curls, the idea is to work every part of your body so continue to burn off the calories.

Believe it or not the BEST fat burning exercises are those that use the muscles in your upper body.

In this case, you will not be building any muscle because of your caloric deficiency but you will definitely be burning lots of fat and calories.

Biggest Loser Logo

The nicest part about this is these workouts will only take up about 20 minutes of your day and they only take place a few days a week.

The same type of concept is used for extreme weight loss measures on TV shows like “Extreme Weight Loss” on ABC and “The Biggest Loser” on NBC.

I have even applied very similar strategies in my own work. It is tough. But any trainer will tell you…it works!

What’s Included With The 3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet is definitely packed full of A LOT of valuable information. Even though it is a tough diet, it guides you through every single step of the way.

The Introduction Manual3 Week Diet Introduction Manual

This introduction part of the diet does exactly as it says… it introduces you to it! This portion tells you exactly what the diet is about and the science behind it, basically everything we talked about above about caloric deficiency and low carb eating. It does have a lot of great motivational information too so even though the next 3 weeks will be challenging, the introduction manual gets you ready for it!

3 Week Diet ManualDiet Manual

This is where all the calculation takes place and where you figure out exactly how much (or little) you’ll be able to eat on this thing. All the foods and portion sizes are laid out for you conveniently making grocery shopping a breeze. Follow this part step by step and no matter who you are, you’ll definitely see and feel results

Workout Manual3 Week Diet Workout Manual

This is the optional area of the 3 Week Diet. You do not have to do any of the workouts but I would recommend them ONLY if you feel like you have the energy to do them. You may already be feeling a little drained from taking in a lot less calories so just be careful! Be here Brian Flatt lays out all the exercises and when and how to do them. Again, most of these are resistance workouts so will require small weights or resistance bands. Nicely, this part as well is laid out very clear and concise, it should be very easy to follow for you.

3 Week Diet Mindset ManualMindset & Motivation Guide

For those of you who know me personally, you’ll know this part has to be my favorite! I am a huge backer for a positive mindset when it comes to weight loss and exercise. I believe the mind plays a huge roll in our lives that many don’t even realize. In any event, I truly believe if you don’t have a positive mindset, and you don’t truly believe you can lose weight, you won’t! In this area there is a lot of tips, tricks and tools to help keep you mind positive and you motivation at an all time high! Namaste!

Pros and Cons of The 3 Week Diet

Like every diet program there are positive and definitely some drawbacks, I think I’ve listed quite a few throughout this review but I’ll lay them out plain and simple for you.

3 Week Diet CONS3 Week Diet cons

To be honest.. I didn’t find too many concerns with this program but here are a few things that come to mind…

Nothing Physical – This diet is in E-book format. So it is nice that it is instantly downloadable but with that keep in mind it is just a file on your computer. They do not send you meals in the mail or give you DVDs of any kind to do workouts. Obviously the price point is pretty low, so one shouldn’t expect all of that to come with it, but that could be a drawback for some.

Hungry Hunger – When starting out on this diet, you may at times feel hungry. This is all part of the process as your body is adjusting to your new calorie intake but I know there are some of you out there that cannot even go 2 minutes with hunger pains. If you can make it through a couple days of feeling a little bit emptier than usual, your body will adjust and the rest of the diet you’ll be just fine.

Dumbbells are required (kinda) – If you do decide you want to do the workouts provided within the 3 Week Diet, you will need to invest a little money in either a pair of dumbbells or resistance bands. Luckily these aren’t super expensive by any means, I’ve even found a pair of dumbbells and resistance bands on Amazon.com that are worth taking a look at. Of course if the working out part is not for you, no need to worry about this!

3 Week Diet PROS

3 Week Diet PositivesInstant Download – In a world where all we demand is instant gratification we can all applaud that the 3 Week Diet is instantly downloadable. That means once you click the purchase button, you can find the 3 Week Diet right inside your email inbox. That means you can get started TODAY if you decide this diet is for you!

At Home Friendly – The 3 Week Diet can all be completed in the comfort of your home! No gym memberships or meeting groups required. Once you receive the diet you can start it where you are right now! Even the workouts!

Easy to Understand – This is the thing I find most skeptical with diets found online. Some of them make no sense whatsoever. They use this type of scientific verbage that nobody understands in order to make themselves sound smart… unfortunately in this day and age… it doesn’t work! Luckily the 3 Week Diet is easy to understand and everything is laid out perfectly so getting confused or lost won’t be likely!

Motivation Section – Again, I love the fact that this diet specifically has a guide based on positive mindset and motivation. The #1 reason most people quit a diet is because their head is not in the game! I love that Brian Flatt took the time to include this section because I believe it sets this diet apart from the rest!

It’s Only 3 Weeks – Hurray again for instant gratification! This isn’t some 12 month program… you can easily complete it and see results in just 3 Weeks! The information is also there for you to complete the 3 week diet for a second round and continue on your weight loss journey.

It Works – Ok, ok, I know I haven’t shown you the physical proof yet. But just from a personal trainer and nutritionist stand point if someone was to follow the 3 Week Diet step by step there isn’t a way for it not to work. Reducing your caloric and carb intake to such a drastic level makes it nearly impossible for your body to gain or maintain weight. Even if you don’t have a lot of weight to lose or are trying to fend off those final pesky pounds, this diet would do the trick.

Money Back Guarantee – I don’t think I mentioned this enough, it is probably the biggest benefit of the program. There is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! That means if you try the diet and you did not lose weight with it, found it too challenging to stick with, or maybe it just wasn’t for you… you’ll get a no questions asked refund. With the diet only lasting 3 weeks anyway, 60 days is plenty of time to see if this is something that is truly worth the money to you.

The Results Are In! – Results of the 3 Week Diet

One of my favorite things to do when testing out different diet programs is to offer my services FREE of charge!

Occasionally I set up a kiosk in the Florida Mall in Orlando and meet people from all over the world who are struggling with their weight.

When I find someone who I think is a good candidate I offer for them to try one of these diet and nutrition programs on me!

I help them out every step of the way and they always see amazing results.

In return I ask if they will allow me to document their journey!

It’s good publicity for me and wonderful for their health.

Win/Win I say!
Florida Mall KioskMost of the time I do this with diets like Aktins and Jenny Craig, or fitness programs like Orange Theory.

However, after all questions I had been receiving about the 3 Week Diet I decided to find a couple good candidates to try this out for us!

I first met Melissa who is a server at the Cheesecake Factory (yummy!) she said she put on a lot of weight at work because well…what do you think they do with a lot of that delicious cheesecake that doesn’t get sold??

Exactly… it went right into her belly! lol

I set up Melissa with everything she needed to do the 3 Week Diet including the exercise equipment, and her results were pretty darn amazing!

Melissa's 3 Week Diet Results
She looks amazing right?

The cheesecake belly is gone! Melissa lost an incredible 16 pounds in the 3 Weeks she was on the diet!

Last time I spoke to Melissa she said she was the happiest she had been in years and feels like a whole new person.

I asked her if she still indulges in all that cheesecake at work, she laughed and said she just has a few bites every now and then 🙂

More 3 Week Diet Results

About 2 months ago I met Lucy who works at none other than Walt Disney World as an Attractions Hostess!

Lucy has 3 year old daughter and it wasn’t until she was born that she began her weight problems.

Nothing wrong with this, as we all know, our kids always come first. Just from having a few minute conversation with Lucy I knew she had the drive and perseverance to take on the 3 Week Diet!
Lucy's 3 Week Diet Results
Even more so I knew she could do 2 rounds of the 3 Week Diet, so that’s exactly what she did!

So here are her results!

Pretty incredible huh? Lucy lost 33 pounds in total with 2 rounds of the 3 Week Diet!

That’s 6 weeks in total! She looks like a completely different person and this is just in a matter of a month and a half!

​Again, it’s no surprise that these are the common results, if you’ve watched “The Biggest Loser” or similar extreme weight loss television shows you see the same amazing transformations.

It simply comes down to the cutting your calories and cutting your carbs.

When this is done consistently like the 3 Week Diet promotes, amazing body transformations are soon to follow!

The 3 Week Diet Price: Small Price for Huge Results!

So of course, with such amazing results comes a price tag. But do not fear… the positive aspects and incredible results far out-weigh the price.

The total cost of the 3 Week Diet and everything it includes is $47.

This is a one-time payment, nothing monthly or annually.

You pay $47 one time, and get the complete system for life along with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

3 Week Diet Coupons and Discounts

Ok but let me ask you a question… who is your favorite personal trainer in the whole wide world??

Save Money!

I hope all of you said Me! If you didn’t hopefully you’ll change your answer after this.

I have a discount code for you! Wooo!

At Checkout use the code SKINNYME20 and automatically get 20% off your purchase!

That brings that price down to a hair over $37!

With all the diet and nutrition information included, an easy to follow layout, and incredible results… this price is definitely incredible for what you get!

Conclusion: I think you’ll be very happy with the 3 Week Diet

From a personal trainer and nutritionist stand-point, I am very impressed with the 3 Week Diet.

It implements a lot of the same practices I use every day with clients to achieve amazing results very quickly.

I highly recommend this diet to anyone needing to shred anywhere from a few pounds to a few HUNDRED pounds.

Woman On Scale

No matter what stage in the weight loss game you are in, if you follow this diet plan and restrict your calorie and carb intake, you will see results and you’ll see them fast!

Click Here if you are interested in purchasing the 3 Week Diet!

Remember to use the code SKINNYME20 to receive 20% off your order!

If you decide to give the 3 Week Diet a try I would love to see how you feel about it and/or see your results along the way!

Feel free to contact me at robert@definingweightloss.com.

Thank you for reading my review of the 3 Week Diet!

Picture of Robert

I hope it gives you a better insight into the diet and answers any questions you may have. If you do have any additional questions do feel free to leave a comment below!

Until next time,

Robert 🙂

2 Week Diet Review – My Results of Dr. Oz’s Program

2 Week Diet Review Logo
Stop! Are you thinking about trying the Dr. Oz endorsed 2 Week Diet? Before you spend your money read my review and see my results! You might be surprised…

Picture of JennyHey everyone my name is Jen and I am a single Mom with 2 beautiful daughters.

I am someone who considers myself to be very active and athletic however about 2 years ago I found out my husband of 10 years had been cheating on me younger woman he worked with.

Through our separation I became very emotional and sad and put my diet and exercise on the back burner.

I ended up gaining a lot of weight and created some very unhealthy eating habits.

I also saw many changes in my attitude and found myself always becoming angry with my daughters even if they didn’t even do anything wrong.

My breaking point came when my energy levels started dropping so rapidly.

My 2 Week Diet Review and Results

My daughters and I had planned a trip to Disneyland.  This was something I had been saving for over a year.  They were so excited all year long they could hardly contain themselves!

Disneyland CastleThe trip had finally arrived and our first day visiting Disneyland we began walking around the theme park but about 1 hour in to the day I started feeling very very tired.

I told my daughters I needed to sit down on a bench and rest for a little bit and they allowed me to do so without any arguments thank goodness! (Even though I know they wanted to keep going and going and going)

After my rest we got up and kept moving but about 20 minutes after that I was completely exhausted again.

Yes, it was a warm day and yes it was crowded but still this was ever like how I use to be.

I told my daughters to go on some rides and I would sit outside and wait for them to get done.

I remember seeing the look of disappointment on their faces… 🙁

They wanted me to do everything with them and have fun together as a family.

After all, this was the first trip that just us 3 girls got to go on together.

However, physically I just couldn’t do it.

Our 3 day trip ended to Disneyland ended and it was nothing like I wanted it to be.

Most of the trip I spent in the hotel room or sitting on various benches inside the theme park while my daughters had a blast.

I knew my health was the worst it had probably been my entire life.

I needed to start making some changes so I could get back to the athletic person I knew I was and the Mom I knew I could be!

I was not going to let my life slip away!

How Dr. Oz Helped Me Discover The 2 Week Diet 

On the plane ride back from California I began researching ways I could jump start my fitness and get some of these extra pounds off me.

Dr Oz PhotoPlus get my energy back as well.

I ended up on Dr. Oz’s website and began reading about several diets he recommended.

One of which was called the 2 Week Diet.

On the 2 week diet website it shows a lot of amazing before and after transformations which immediately got me hooked.

It’s amazing what our bodies can do in just 2 weeks when we are committed.

The diet was designed by a nutritionist named Brian Flatt and is highly endorsed by Dr. Oz as being a fantastic diet to jumpstart your health and fitness as well as lose as much weight as humanly possible in just 2 week’s time!

After seeing that the 2 week diet costs $37 I was a little skeptical to buy it but thankfully Dr. Oz mentioned there being a 60 day money back guarantee and also shared a link to a coupon giving me 20% off the order.

2 Week Diet Coupons and Discounts

Save Money Coupon

I went back to see if I could find the link to the discount and I did! Thankfully it looks like it is still valid and working too.

Here is the link of the coupon in case you want to use it too: https://trulybestcoupons.com/2-week-diet-coupon-code/

So pretty much I was guaranteed to lose weight in 2 weeks or I could be 100% of my money back!

With all that in mind I purchased the 2 Week Diet (while still on the plane flying at 35,000 feet) and made a promise to myself to stick with it!

2 Week Diet LogoThat night we got home safe from the airport and I put the daughter immediately to bed.

I checked my email before I went to sleep and there sitting in my inbox was the 2 Week Diet!

I thought that was super awesome right there!

I didn’t have to wait for the mail man to bring me anything… the 2 Week Diet was ready for me!

I decided to read a little bit of it before I went to sleep… before I knew 3 hours had passed and I read the entire thing!

Everything described in the 2 week diet made sense to me especially how exactly you go about losing so much weight in so little time.

What’s Included In The 2 Week Diet

The program is broken down into 3 main pieces.

The 2 Week Diet Manual 

The diet manual gives you grocery list of items to choose from and eat.  I was surprised that many of my favorite foods were on this list… even chocolate! The main thing is just to just eat it in moderation. No need to overdo anything on this diet.  Yes, it might seem tough at first but its only 2 weeks!

The 2 Week Diet Workout Manual

Working out is option on the 2 week diet but is high recommended for maximum weight loss.

The 2 week diet workout manual shows you different movements and exercise to help you burn as many calories as possible.  To be honest with you.. I did not follow the workouts in the guide.

Weight Loss ImageI have my own routine of running and light weight training that I’ve always enjoyed doing and wanted to stick with while on the diet.

I’m not saying the 2 week diet exercises are bad or don’t work… they look like they work very well by seeing the results of the people of tried them.

But for me… I preferred to workout using the exercises I enjoy the most.

The 2 Week Diet Motivation Manual 

Because the next 2 weeks is going to be tough at times, the 2 week diet motivation manual really helps cure the mental side of the diet.

Many times you might think about quitting especially the first few days into it because your body might want to resist all changes.

The motivation guide is here to calm those negative “you can’t do this” voices in your head and change them to the positive “it’s only 2 weeks… you totally got this” voices instead!.

To me, this was the most interesting read of the entire diet and really opened my eyes up to the fact sticking to diet and exercise really comes down your mental outlook.

2 Week Diet Results – Day 1

I woke up the next morning so excited to get started! I took dog the with me for a nice brisk job that felt really good.

Just to get the blood flowing back in my legs and body was a feeling I had missed!

I had a couple scrambled eggs and some raisin toast for breakfast that was nice and low calorie and delicious and for dinner that night I had salmon with broccoli and brown rice!

2 Week Diet Salmon Dinner

When the first day was over I felt very confident that I could keep this up for just 13 more days.

Yes, I was eating much fewer calories than before so I did feel a little hungry during the day but I knew in the back of my head this just temporary and I could do it!

2 Week Diet Results Week 1

I will be honest week 1 had it’s ups and downs and mostly because my body was trying to adjust to this new style of eating and exercising.

Each day I went on a brisk 20 minute jog and did about 10 minutes of resistance exercises.

I also stuck with the 2 week diet every step of the way but it was my hunger pains that got the best of me.  One night I did cheat a little and eat some ice cream.

I felt bad at first but I went back and read the Motivation manual in the 2 week diet.  It says if cheating does occur don’t dwell on it and just get back to the diet the next day.

That’s what I did and in finished out my week strong.  I stepped on the scale at the end of day 7 and saw I had lost 7 pounds so far! 7 pounds is one pound per day!

That defineltey sparked a whole new moviation inside me…I couldn’t wait to attack week 2!

2 Week Diet Results Week 2

During the entire 2nd week I stayed strong and stuck right to the diet! I felt like I had so much more energy and I was getting full after each meal.

My daughters even noticed how much their mom had changed and complimented me daily saying I looked Skinny!

At the end of the 2 Week Diet program I stepped on the scale and saw I had lost 15 pounds in total! I was in complete disbelief but so amazed at myself!!

Over one pound a day I lost on this amazing program and I couldn’t be happier.

Because of my incredible results in just 2 weeks and the fact that my body was adjusting to this new lifestyle I decided to do a second round of the 2 week diet and finish off the month!

2 Week Diet Final Results

Here are my results of the 2 Week Diet!

2 week diet results

In total I lost 11 pounds and gained back all the energy I had lost when I took my girls on vacation.

To be honest I would say I feel like the old me but I don’t…I feel like a brand new me! Better than I’ve ever been!

I would recommend this diet to anybody looking to lose weight quickly and safely and anyone looking to get a quick jumpstart on your health and fitness goals!

If you’re on the fence about it… just give it a shot!

It’s a 60 day money back guarantee and there’s a coupon available giving you 20% off as well found here:


If you have any questions about the 2 week diet please ask below and if you do try the 2 week diet please share your results with us below!

Thank you Dr. Oz!

Picture of Jenny

The 2 Week Diet was everything you said it was.. and more!

Until Next Time,


Red Tea Detox Review – My Results with Before and After Pics

Red Tea Detox Review Logo
I put this review together to share with you my results from the Red Tea Detox Diet by Liz Swan Miller! If you’re interested in doing the detox, I hope my review helps you a lot!

Hey everyone my name is Carol and today I want to share with you my review and results from the Red Tea Detox.

I had planned on posting this review of Red Tea Detox last week but unfortunately my Great Grandma passed away 🙁

She lived such a fulfilling life and died at the amazing age of 98 so the family got together and had a lovely memorial service for her.

It was more smiles than tears at the service and it just reminds us that life is so wonderful and even better with friends and family.

Ok, no more sob story for me… y’all are here to hear about the Red Tea Detox!

For those of you who have yet to hear about this new detox method I recommend you checking out the official website.

My Red Tea Detox Review

For those of you that know me and have read some of my other articles, you would know that I am a single mother of 2 beautiful daughters.  I had just recently gone through a divorce as I found out my husband had been cheating on me with a much younger woman.

I use to be huge into working out and eating healthy.

I loved doing Yoga and also loved doing lite running and walking on a daily basis.

I also watched what I ate and counted my calories as well.

During this time however I became very depressed and overwhelmed.

Not only did I have to live with the vision of my high school sweetheart with another woman but I also had to try and mask all that pain and be strong for my daughters.

Through it all I gained quite a bit a weight, started getting sick, woke up with headaches, had constant mood swings, and sorry to say blunt ladies (and the gents that are reading this too) but there were times I went weeks without pooping!

I even remember becoming short with my daughters all the time even when they were doing no harm.

Mood Swing Meme

This was not the mother I wanted to be!

I knew it all came down to the fact that I wasn’t eating healthy at all and I was constantly stressed out.

My breaking point came one day when I was at one of my daughters youth basketball games.

During the game I was eating some popcorn from the concession stand and suddenly began to feel very light headed.

Before I knew it I was passed out completely on the bleachers!

I woke up to my good friend fanning me down with one of the game programs.

I couldn’t believe what had happened that day and I knew I had to get to the bottom of it.

How I Found Out About Red Tea Detox

I went online that night and started searching my symptoms in Google. Turns out I wasn’t the only one feeling like this!

That’s always a relief when you find out you aren’t alone lol 🙂

I ended up joining the WebMD message board and I posted my story and what people recommended for me.

The main thing everyone said was you need to reset your body.

Reset your body, your diet, your mind.

You need to DETOX!

Detoxing was something I had heard of but never really looked too much in to.

Essentially to detox your body means to rid your body of toxic and unhealthy substances usually through drinking something with ingredients that specializes in doing such.


I read about people using cranberry juice, lemonade and green tea among other drinks to detox but also read where a lot of these methods had failed.

I was tired of trying methods that failed I wanted something that I knew would work.

That was when one member of the message board recommended a new type of detox program that is now becoming popular called Red Tea Detox.

I immediately went online and started reading reviews on Red Tea Detox. Turns out it was created by an author named Liz Swan Miller who actually found out about the drink when she was visiting a foreign country.

The price point was at $37 and to me that was a little too much so I did some searching and found a coupon getting me 50% Off!!

Red Tea Detox $20 Off Coupon Code

Save Money Coupon

Here is a link to where you can find the coupon: https://trulybestcoupons.com/red-tea-detox-coupon

With a $20 off coupon and a 60 day money back guarantee I went ahead and purchased the Red Tea Detox in hopes it would give my body the reset it needed!

Red Tea Detox – My Review

The Red Tea Detox guide was immediately sent to me via email which was nice not having to wait for anything physical to get shipped to me.

That night I got my daughters to bed and began reading it!

I remember having to get up early the next morning to take my daughters to school but once I started reading the Red Tea Detox guide… I couldn’t stop!

Everything clicked and made sense to me when it came to weight loss and detoxing your body.

This was something that I knew what I needed so I made a promise to myself that as soon as I dropped off the girls at school in the morning I would run to the grocery story and buy everything I needed to created the Red Tea!

Red Tea Detox Ingredients

I kept my promise and went to the grocery store the next day. My list to make the tea included:

  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Celery
  • Beetroot
  • Cabbage
  • Parsley
  • Onion
  • Garlic

Yes at first it seemed like an overwhelming list to me too lol

But I was determined to give this a try.


I went home and mixed the ingredients with water in a blender and had my first cup of Red Tea!

Surprisingly enough I actually liked the taste. It’s not anything to jump up and down about but all in all it was something I could get use to drinking regularly.

I followed the guide and had a couple cups of tea that day and ate smaller healthy meals which the program also recommends.

The workouts are quick and only last about 20 minutes. I followed the workout guide worked up a nice sweat that evening.

Once I finished the workout something amazing happened!

For the first time in a week I had to go to the bathroom!

I Pooped Today Image

I will save you the details but lets just said I felt extremely relieved and much lighter when I was done!

I was very satisfied with my first day on the detox and was going to commit for this for a full month!

Results WEEK 1

I will admit, the first day was great but the rest of the week I had my ups and downs.

I continued drinking the tea each and every day but I did feel hungry a lot and there were sometimes where I cheated a little on the diet.

I think my body was just in shock going from one diet extreme to the other.

This probably won’t happen to everyone but for me it was tough getting my body adjusted during that first week.  However things started changing…

Results WEEK 2

During week 2 I immediately noticed a change in my energy level.  I didn’t roll out of bed each and every morning to take my daughters to work, I actually felt alive!

I also noticed my headaches were slowly going away and my tummy was feeling much less bloated.

I was also consistently going to the bathroom each and every day!

Red Tea Detox Results WEEK 3

Wow! During week 3 was really when I started seeing insane results!

Freedom at the beach

I stepped on the scale and realized that I had lost 9 pounds! I was amazed!

Not only that but I could see a huge difference in myself.

Not just the weight loss but I could see my skin becoming much clearer, my energy levels were through the roof and I could finally feel myself beating my depression!

I didn’t feel hungry anymore, the tea really filled my up and I felt like I was kicking butt during the workouts!


In my final week I couldn’t be more proud of myself!

I feel like a different person compared to when I started the Red Tea Detox.

I plan to incorporate the Red Tea into my every day diet because my results are too good just to throw away.

I feel sexier, I feel my energy levels at an all time high, and I feel like I’m a better mother to my daughters which is the greatest achievement I’ve ever felt in my life.

Here are my Red Tea Detox before and after pictures:

Melissa's 3 Week Diet Results

In total I lost 13 pounds… I couldn’t be more amazed!

If you’re thinking about giving the Red Tea Detox a try… I say DO IT!

It really does do what it says it will.

I cleaned out my system and basically reset my body and life all together!

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Got Questions?

If you have any questions about the Red Tea Detox and my review or want to share your results please leave a comment below!

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I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Thanks for reading!

– Carol 🙂