The 4 Most Important Rules Of Rapid Weight Loss

The 4 Most Important Rules Of Rapid Weight Loss

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Hey! It’s Robert again.  Time for another one of my weekly columns.

Today we are going to be discussing 4 important rules I think everyone should follow when trying to lose as much weight as humanly possible!

To see the greatest transformations from your diet during your weight loss journey there are a few guidelines you should always keep in mind.

These rules will push you over any plateau and give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Rule 1: Eat more protein!


Protein ChoicesOut of all the foods you eat on your diet, protein is by far the most important.  Protein fights off hunger, promotes muscle gain and balances blood glucose levels.

The results of this is a better and stronger metabolism that results in accelerated fat loss.  Consume protein as much as you possible can in every meal and snack you have each day! Protein shakes are a nice wildcard because they are delicious and can be added into your daily eating ritual at any time.

Rule 2: Eat more often

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Think of your metabolism like a fire and wood like food. You have to keep putting wood into the fire in order for it to keep burning.

You have to keep feeding yourself to keep your metabolism rockin’ and rollin’ all day long! Feed your body smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.

Not only will you be less hungry, but that weight will fly off your body!

Rule 3: Eat Fresh

Fresh Food

Make sure the foods you are consuming are indeed natural and fresh.  Anything from the produce section at your grocery store is a great place to start.  It’s when you get into the processed and bake goods is when the red flag comes up.  Stay out of those tempting aisles and stay next to all the fresh stuff!

Rule 4: Set Short Term Goals


The one rule you should always abide by is to set short term goals.

If you go into a diet or lifestyle change trying to set a goal that is years ahead you are more likely to give up as the results seem so far away! Try setting goals in 2 week segments. 2 weeks is generally the amount of time necessary to form a good habit and before you know it it’ll become a lifestyle change.

That is why I love diet programs like the 2 Week Diet.  It keeps your goal setting to a short distance and allows many to succeed and not give up!

So there you have it! Your 4 important rules you need to follow when dieting! Feel free to leave a comment if you think anything else should be added to my list!

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